Automotive Applications

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Chem-verse Consultants is managed by a group of highly qualified technical people having wide and long experience in the field of chemistry and engineering. For this company has been awarded ISO 9001 certification. The Company has developed a number of Import Substitutes in the field of Maintenance chemicals, industrial Aerosols and Protective Coatings.
 High Performance General Purpose Cleaner AQUAKLEEN
  Antifreeze Coolant
 Brake Lining Cleaner BRAKE CLEANER
 Synthetic Engine Oil 15W-40
Disinfectant Spray for Automobile Air Conditioners A/C FRESH
 Throttle Valve Cleaner
 Protective Coating CHROM GUARD
 Gear Oil Additive
Anti-Corrosive Underbody Coating GALVANIZING SPRAY
 Engine Oil Flush
 Waxy Film Rust Preventive NT-RUST (WX)
 Rust Convertor RUSTKOTE-300
 Cleaner-cum-Polisher SHOTGUN +
 Rust Remover SUPERSTRIP-200
 Rat Repellent Spray
 Rust Remover & Protector
 A/C Cleaner for  Cars A/C CLEANER
 Grip Improver BELT DRESSER
 In line Diesel System Cleaner DECARB (D)
 In line petrol System Cleaner DECARB (P)
 Tacky Sprayable Grease VISCOLUBE (T)
 Diesel Additive DFA-561 (L)
 Super Diesel Additive DFA (SUPER)
 Fuel Injector Cleaner FIC
 Petrol Additive FIC (SUPER)
 Radiator Energizer/Coolant Flush FLUSHER-R
  OilSmoke Stop OIL SAVER-77
  OilTreatment POLYLUBE (X)
 Radiator Additive Sealant RAD ADD
 Battery Terminal Coat BATTERY COAT
 Contact Cleaner ELECTROCLEAN
 Power Window Lubricant WINDOW DRESSER
 Spray Cleaner for Carburettor
 Sprayable grease for Drive Chains
 Cleaner-cum-Polisher for Vinyl & Painted Parts COLOR GUARD
 Heat Resistant Coating for Engines
 Heat Resistant Coating for Exhaust Pipes
 Reflective Anti-rust Coating for Metal Parts METAL GUARD
 Dressing for Tyres
 Multigrade Gear Oil
 Heavy Duty Automotive /Industrial Grease EP-3 GREASE

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