CARBON CLEAN (Spray Cleaner for Carburettor)

Carbon Clean
Description : This is a high quality, specially formulated cleaner in spray form for removing the gummy & carbon deposit from the fine passages of Engine parts, Burners & other similar Industrial parts subject to carbon deposits due to combustion & high heat.  It also improves Injectors performance for uniform flow of fuel to the engine bikes.
Applications : Cleans metal surfaces from carbon/grease, dirt and oil. It helps to restore and pep power in engines.  Reduces residue in the cylinder and valve area.
Benefits : 
  • Removes varnish, gums and carbon deposits from fuel system, carburettor, valves, Piston rings and combustion chamber.
  • Protects against corrosion due to a specially added rust corrosion inhibitor.
  • Improves engine efficiency and machinery operations.
Packing : 550-ml. Aerosol Tin and 30-kg.drum

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