Zinc Coating Spray (Galvanizing Spray)

galvanized pipe
Description : CVC GALVANIZING SPRAY is a highly effective cold galvanizing spray. It provides protection for all polished metal surfaces, and on the other hand, forms a highly adhesive, fast drying permanent primer for all types of paints. It is also suited as a primer for bonded lubricants. The outstanding corrosion protection characteristics show up especially in Electro-chemical (cathodic) corrosion protection, which prevents damages, e.g., scratched surfaces, from rusting after treatment. In the open air weather test CVC GALVANIZING SPRAY shows no signs of rust even after several months.
Applications : Used in industries like Agriculture, Chemical, Structural, Engineering, Steel plants etc.:-
  • For the protection of all polished metal surfaces, drilling and welding points.
  • For the repair of damaged galvanic surfaces.
  • As a corrosion protective primer for all types of paint.
  • As an excellent touch-up coating for the Galvanized pipe manufacturers for threaded connections and surface touch-ups.
  • It is an excellent touch-up coating for hot dip galvanized surfaces where galvanized coating is removed for welding.
  • After welding, the surface can be touched up again by CVC Galvanizing Spray, e.g for fabricating the ducting of Air Conditioning and Heating & Ventilating systems.
  • Used as an anticorrosive coating in all types of Chemical / Petrochemical plants, Engineering Inds. etc.
  • Used as an anticorrosive underbody coating for vehicles such as two-wheelers, cars, trucks, tractors, dumpers, etc.
Benefits :
  • Provides long-term protection against corrosion and rust.
  • Is salt water-resistant and withstands temperatures up to 250°C.
  • Forms protective coating without flaking.
Packing : 550-ml. Aerosol Can & 5-Kg.Tin.

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