Textile Applications

Chem-verse Consultants is managed by a group of highly qualified technical people having wide and long experience in the field of chemistry and engineering. For this company has been awarded ISO 9001 certification. The Company has developed a number of Import Substitutes in the field of Maintenance chemicals, industrial Aerosols and Protective Coatings.
Antiseize Compound MOLYPASTE N-3
Anti-Static Coning Oil for Synthetic Fibres NT STAT - 52
Spinnerate Spray for Nylon & Polyesters SILCOLEASE (FR)
Synthetic Gear Oil GEARLUBE - 320
Synthetic Knitting Oil KNITLUBE
Stain Remover SR - 100
High Performance General Purpose Cold Cleaner SAFEKLEEN SPRAY
Synthetic Stitching Oil STITCHLUBE
Thread Lubricant SILICONER OIL
Fusing Belt Cleaner TEXCLEAN
Needle & Cam Cleaner KNITKLEEN SPRAY
Specialty Knitting Oil ECOKNIT
Semi-Synthetic Gear Oil GEARLUBE - 100
Specialty Knitting Oil SYNOL - 22
Synthetic Knitting Oil Spray KNITLUBE SPRAY
Multifunctional Oil HYLUBE - 46
Looms / Weaving
Anti-Static Reed Wire Cleaner LOOM SPRAY
Tacky Gear Oil GEARTEC OIL
Washable Loom Oil WASHLUBE OIL
Open-End Spinning
High Speed Rotor Oil P - 48
Heavy Duty Gear Oil SP - 220
Semi-Synthetic Bearing Oil SYNGEAR J - 3
Semi-Synthetic Gear Oil SYNGEAR K - 12
Multipurpose Moly Grease XA - 3
Chemax Specialty Softners CHEMSOFT
Dry Film Moly Lubricant MOLYLUBE
Anti-Static Agent NT STAT - 40
Chain Cleaner Spray ST CLEANER
Chemical Resistant Grease ARG - 200
High Temperature Chain Oil VISCOLUBE (HT)
Stenter Fan Bearing Grease XA - 400
Splicer / Knotter Cams TEXLUBE
Synthetic Compressor Oil COMPLUBE - 280
Synthetic Spindle Oil ES - 9
Off-White, High Temperature Grease XA - 500
Non-Melt / Non-Drip, Heavy Duty Moly Grease XA - 550
Heavy Duty Off-White Grease for RSB Draw Frames XA - 675
Thread Lubes
Synthetic Finishing Oil for Polyester Sewing Threads DM FLUIDS
Thread Lubricant for Polyester Yarn E - 30
Thread Lubricant for Rayon & Viscos E - 33
Synthetic Finishing Oil with Superior Shine and Anti-Static Properties THREADLUBE - 100
Wax Rolls / Bars
WR-100 / WR-200 / 300 / 400 / 500 WAX ROLLS