Printing Press

Night Guard
Description : CVC NIGHTGUARD is non-hazardous product that is inherently biodegradable and will remove all petroleum based contaminants such as oil, grease, semi-cured varnish and paint, waxes and adhesives, silicones and oil based inks.  It is based on specially formulated high quality natural oil extracts and derivatives with ozone safe solvents and it is environment friendly.  It is especially used for cleaning printing press rollers at the end of the day. It will remove all ink deposits from the roller and prevent sticking of rollers overnight.
Applications : Can be used in dip bath or hand sprayed, sparingly on to contaminated surface and allowed to work for a short time after which the components can be wiped free of contaminants or water rinsed if desired.
Benefits :
  • Fast Acting : Excellent fast acting cleaning power
  • Economical  : Has high “Wetting” power which helps reduce litreage
  • Environmental Friendly : Inherently biodegradable solvent.
Packing : 550-ml. Aerosol Tin and  5-litre carboy.

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