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Chem-verse Consultants is managed by a group of highly qualified technical people having wide and long experience in the field of chemistry and engineering. For this company has been awarded ISO 9001 certification. The Company has developed a number of Import Substitutes in the field of Maintenance chemicals, industrial Aerosols and Protective Coatings.
Rust Remover & Protector MULTILUBE
High Performance General Purpose Cleaner AQUAKLEEN
Battery Terminal Protector BATTERY COAT
Grip Improver BELT DRESSER
Brake Lining Cleaner BRAKE CLEANER
Decarbonizing Solution for Petrol / Diesel Engines DECARB
Flushing Fluid for Radiators RADIATOR FLUSH
Spray Cleaner for Carburettor CARBURETTOR CLEANER
Protective Coating CHROMGUARD
Diesel Fuel Additive DFA - 561
Flushing Oil Additive FLUSHER - E
Oil Additive POLYLUBE (X)
Waxy Film Rust Preventive NT-RUST (WX)
Rust Convertor RUSTKOTE-300
Cleaner-cum-Polisher SHOTGUN +
Rust Remover SUPERSTRIP-200
Sprayable Grease VISCOLUBE (T)
Power Window Lubricant WINDOW DRESSER
Flushing Oil Additive GEAR FLUSHER
E. P. Oil Additive POLYLUBE (EP)
Eco-Friendly Aqueous Cleaner AQUAKLEEN (E)
Online Contact Cleaner & Armature Cleaner ARMCLEAN
Flux Remover CLEANSER - A
Electronic Components Cleaner ELECTROCLEAN
Electrical Contact Cleaner ELECTROLUBE
Dry Graphite Coating GRAPHIKOTE - 66
For Heat Dissipation HEAT SINK COMPOUND
Dry Film Rust Preventive NT RUST (DF)
Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Rust Preventive NT RUST (VCI)
Anti-Static Spray NT - STAT
Conformal Coating PCB - 500
Rust Convertor RUSTKOTE - 300
Silicone Based Dielectric Sealant-cum-Lubricant SILCOLUBE
Dielectric Coating SILCOLUBE (DC)
Dry lubricant based on PTFE TEFKOTE-33
Conductive Grease ECG-77
High Temperature, Anti-Seize, Rust Preventive Compound METAPLAT
Silicone Grease SG - 12
Synthetic Multipurpose Moly Grease XA - 100
Non-Staining Grease NSG - 100
High Speed Semi-Fluid Grease PSR - 300
High Speed Grease RG - 10
Cleaner / Penetrant / Developer CRACK DETECTOR
Conductive Grease ECG - 77
Heavy Duty Semi-Fluid Adhesive Grease WP - 100
Fluid Grease FG - 400
Vacuum and Stopcock Grease VSG GREASE
Silicone Mould Release Compound SILCOLEASE GREASE
Synthetic Multipurpose PTFE Grease TEFGREASE - 30
Multipurpose Anti-Seize Compound NT SEIZE COMPOUND
Chemical Resistant Grease ARG – 200 GREASE
Dry Film Lubricant MOLYBOND - 100
Anti-Friction Elements MOLY BLOCKS
Synthetic Knitting Oil KNITLUBE OIL
For Simplex Collars SLT OIL SPECIAL
Multifunctional Oil HYLUBE
Semi-Synthetic Gear Oil GEARLUBE (SP)
Synthetic Refrigeration Oil RL - 68
Colloidal Graphite in Oil GRAPHIKOTE (X)
Oil Additive MOLYTEX (EP)
Colloidal Graphite in Water GRAPHIKOTE (W)
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