BRAKE CLEANER (Brake Lining Cleaner)

Brake Cleaner
Description : Specially formulated cleaner / degreaser spray based on non-hazardous chemicals for cleaning brake components efficiently & effectively.
Applications : Break Liners, disc & drum brakes.
Benefits : 
  • Prevents slippage - increases belt performance.
  • Extends belt life and increases power.
  • Keeps belts pliable and prevents shrinkage.
  • Develops friction and grip.
Direction for use : Hold can in a position where the nozzle is pointed towards application area. Spray evenly from a distance of 8-10 cms. Wait for a while. Wipe liners with a clean cloth/tissue paper. Repeat spray if not cleaned enough, the first time.
Packing :
100-ml Aerosol Tin 250-ml Aerosol Tin 550-ml Aerosol Tin

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